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Our low voltage fuses can meet the standards of International IEC60269 and Chinese GBI13539 and high voltage fuses can meet the criterions of International IEC282 and Chinese CB/T1516. Our company has passed ISO9001:2000 Certification of quality control management system and CCC attestation.

Limit current fuse 13

Scope of application

The product can be used in indoor Ac system of 50Hz and rated voltage 3.6kV and 7.2KV 12Kv.When used together with other protection facilities (such as switches and vacuum contactors), it works to protect high-voltage motor and other electric facilities from overloading and circuit break.

Type and meaning

Parameter specification

Installation Dimensions

Manufacturing Concept System

Advanced lean production system to provide customers with the most cost advantages of production systems, lean production in the quality of products in pursuit of perfection, strict control of every detail of production,Ensure that users are satisfied with the whole product life cycle, provide the most cost-effective products to customers, optimize production costs for customers, and improve the efficiency of input and output.

Product advantage

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence development strategy, enterprise technology innovation ability, product R & D humanization, and gradually establish a market-oriented IPD product development process.

Product technical support

You can obtain technical solutions, product selection, product debugging, troubleshooting, application guidance and training from HXFS sales, technology, quality control and other departments.

Quality after-sales service

Adhering to the customer first, integrity-based philosophy, and follow the customer satisfaction first purpose, and constantly improve the quality of customer service.

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